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Get your Dubai Car Finance at Affordable Rates 

If you are planning to get finance in the city of Dubai with easy access, so you are at the perfect place. Because in Dubai, you can get lots of chances to get your required loan for both kinds of car, old and new with easy access. Even you will see here the lowest interest rates also because of the Islamic banking network. All those, who are not willing to take car finance on high rates. They can get easily their favorite car without paying high interest through several banks based on Islamic sharia laws. There are some prominent banks here, that are always willing to help you out with their lowest interest, high loan amount, and long durations. Emirates NBD even provides a 0% interest on numerous cars.  

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It is good for the candidate to check the EMI and eligibility criteria first before going to the bank for applying a car loan. Because, after checking both things it will be easy for a candidate to decide according to the minimum salary requirement. All the essential points should be noticed while taking the Dubai car finance so that loan taking process will be not much complicated. If you are looking for all these things including criteria and calculation methods, so do not skip this information. It will give you the right direction and also give you knowledge about specific banks that are allowing car loan at the lowest rates.  

What are the benefits of car finance, loan?  

  • The major benefit of taking a car loan service is to obtain a comfort zone and to make life easier than before. There is a huge demand from student’s and job holder’s side for car loan. The reason is, they want their vehicle to avoid the transport inconvenience of their daily routine. But the problem is, they can’t afford the car, and that’s why they rush to the bank for a car loan service.  
  • Another advantage of car financing is, anyone, can get any type of car, new, old, and sports according to their choice, need, and demand.  
  • Another important feature is, anyone can easily afford a car purchase by paying monthly installments. They will not have to pay the full amount at a time. They can get even the lowest interest also for further comfort zone.  
  • You can also get an old car because most people like to buy old cars due to various factors. on the other hand new young generation is more interested to take new and branded cars with vibrant colors. Both categories of people can get their cars through such car loan in UAE. All the information regarding both cars, you will find out on the internet and also via various websites and webpages of chosen bank.  

New car loan vs old car loan  

The demand for an old car loan is equally increasing with the new car loan due to the difference in both car prices. Some people like to avail a new car especially youngsters and some people like to take old cars. The reasons behind this scenario depend on these two car categories and the amount of an auto loan. There is a difference between these two car types, the amount of old  Dubai car finance is lower as compared to the new car loan amount. Because of various factors including the condition of cars, body parts, miles capacity, etc. Due to all these factors, the rate of interest also fluctuated for both. In Dubai, some banks are giving car loan at a constant rate of interest that is from 2% to 5%. Similarly, the reduced rate of interest will be also given to you according to the range of 2% to 10%.  

Car finance EMI calculations  

It is good to know the monthly installment of car finance in UAE before going to the bank for applying. If you are interested to check your online EMI for a car loan just open the websites of your selected bank, where you will find the car loan calculator. Through that calculating tool, you can check the EMI results. You just have to put the loan, interest, and repayment time. These 3 basic pieces of information are enough, now press the button calculate and you will get the results. 

Requirements to get eligible for a car loan in UAE  

  • Copies of all essential documents comprising the bank statements for about 5 to 6 months are fundamental. 
  • For a car loan in UAE, you will have to submit a driving license also.  
  • Salary slips, trading slips, trade registration, and company registration papers are also essential.  
  • If you are an expat and applying for a car loan, prepare your copies of visa and passport.  
  • Your credit history will play an important role in also. 


In conclusion, Dubai car finance options are available for anyone looking to buy a car in the region. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new or used car, there are a variety of car finance solutions to choose from with affordable rates to fit your budget. However, it’s important to do your research and choose a reliable and trustworthy car finance company that offers transparency and flexibility in their terms and conditions. With the right car finance partner and a clear understanding of your financial obligations, you can get behind the wheel of your dream car in no time. So, start exploring your car finance options today and make your dream of owning a car in Dubai a reality!

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